We produce and test a comprehensive range of hose assemblies, using various methods of attachment, fully complying with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED97/23/EC).

Swaging:  We offer Shell, Interlocking and Modified hydraulic ferrules.  Our Finn Power swaging machine allows us to swage up to 6” bore.

Hygienic:  Stainless steel food quality interlocking assemblies including: RJT, IDF, SMS, DIN and Triclover.

Manual:  Boss steam EN 14420/DIN 2817 & EN14423/DIN 2826 couplings & clamps, single & double bolt clamps & Ultra-Lok Band system. 

Fittings:  Including: Threaded, Quick Release, Flanges, Camlocks, Hammer Lug Unions, Storz and Bauer couplings.

Testing:  We can provide Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Certification, along with electrical continuity testing as appropriate.