We produce and test a comprehensive range of hose assemblies, using various methods of attachment, fully complying with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED97/23/EC).

Swaging We offer Shell type, Interlocking and Modified hydraulic ferrules as appropriate.
  Our Finn Power swaging machine allows us to produce up to 6” bore flanged hose assemblies.
Hygienic Stainless steel food quality interlocking assemblies including: 
RJT, IDF, SMS, DIN and Triclover.
Manual Including: Boss steam couplings & clamps, EN 14420/DIN 2817 & EN14423/DIN 2826 couplings & clamps, single & double bolt clamps and Ultra-Lok Band system. 
Fittings Including: Threaded, Quick Release, Flanges, Camlocks, Hammer Lug Unions, Storz and Bauer couplings.
Testing We can provide Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Certification, along with electrical continuity testing as appropriate.